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Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for El Paso High School Students

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Lean Six Sigma High School-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum El Paso

Professionals or those with the skills and knowledge to use Lean Six Sigma usually have career advantages and better job positions within companies and organizations. However, LSS doesn’t benefit professionals and workers alone. Students in high school can still benefit from this training and knowledge as long as they are taught properly. At Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for El Paso High School Students of Texas, we offer all the necessary training + certification for all.

One common misconception or mistake about LSS is that it can work only for professionals or companies that are trying to implement the methodology to improve their processes. This is a huge mistake.

Lean Six Sigma’s beauty is that anyone can learn how it is applied and even start a job within a company without any prior experience or take advantage of the methodology during their projects.

But how can students get benefits from this method, and will it only be good for them once they start working?

Because LSS is a method that requires problem-solving skills as well as the ability to work with others in a team and is responsible, it is very simple and boosts every individual’s skill. Students have the opportunity to learn all of this and ensure they can handle their regular activities without any issues.

The Lean Six Sigma training offered to students is different from the one provided for employees or adults in a company. The one that is delivered focuses more on helping students develop and improve their skills and helping them to get more college credits.

The LSS belts are available only in yellow and green, which are the introductory or medium levels of the methodology. This is all you need to know so far about the belts in case you are a school board, institution, or student alone interested in it:

  • The yellow belt focuses more on personal skills, allowing students to develop confidence and manage their problems.
  • The green belt is team-based. This means that they learn how to work together, develop leadership qualities, and work on problem-solving skills, as well as improve their decision-making. You need a yellow belt certification to apply for this training

As a company with over ten years of experience, we can help you improve the skills of your students. This will allow them to be able to add valuable skills to their curriculums. It will also give them great options for college and work.

What Can High School Students Learn from Lean Six Sigma?

The training does more than just develop the skills we have already mentioned. It also focuses on LSS and its principles and concepts.

Students should be able to understand how the system works and work in an LSS team in the near future. The LSS belt that they have been trained in will determine the knowledge they gain as well.

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The belt, like regular courses, will dictate the topics covered and the skills developed. Since the only belts available to students are yellow and green, the learning process is similar, with the exception of a few minor aspects.

  • Yellow belt training.

They will be taught the basics of methodology, terminology, data collection, how it works, principles and concepts. These are the most important elements you will learn in yellow belt training, but we have added them to ensure they are well prepared.

These additional elements help them brainstorm, make decisions, build confidence, and learn to organize and manage their tasks and responsibilities.

  • Green belt training.

Lean 6 Sigma is taught to them, and they will be able to use the methodology. We want to focus on teamwork and leadership to help them achieve their personal goals.

Lean Six Sigma is more than just working with the methodology. However, we still include the main topics during this belt training: DMAIC, SIPOC, Risk mitigation, Regression Analysis, problem-solving, and Six Sigma tools.

How to Access Six Sigma Lean for Students

We offer two options when it comes to providing your students with access to the training and methodology:

  • LSS online course.
  • LSS in-person training.

You can offer them alternatives if they are unable or unwilling to attend the training.

We want them to feel comfortable and to be able to learn in the LSS yellow belt or green belt.

The training part is not all that important for students. They need to show their understanding and compliance with methodology.

Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Pros of El Paso has included the option to become certified after completing the green or yellow belt training. We are the only company in the city that can issue Lean Six Sigma certifications recognized internationally.

You can contact us to arrange the training sessions, and tell our team the number of students attending.

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After completing LSS training within 2 to 3 weeks, we will require them to take an exam to be eligible for their certifications.

You should remember that certification and training will enable them to access all the benefits you have provided by including LSS in their learning process.

  • There are many college options.
  • Valuable skills.
  • Possibility of earning a high salary.
  • Apply for jobs and small roles.
  • They’ll be able to work with and organize more effectively in teams.
  • Increase their confidence.
  • Personal growth is possible.